Pride And The Prejudice By Jane Austen

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As I started reading the book of Pride and the Prejudice, I have noticed that money is the desire that leaves no individual standing behind the person who is hypnotized by his or her wealth. First of all: External meaning, money in the wrong way could demolish the person or dignity and individuality. In general, if someone who just has become wealthy tends to believe that he or she is in power, thinking that they do not need any respect or sympathy towards the people who are not so wealthy. In the novel the social had a great impact among the characters. All of the English society in Jane Austen’s time and in her books everything was based upon the social classes. The Bennet’s are not so poor, yet they are not wealthy and they are about …show more content…

But the title cuts their both ways. Austen, for the time being, poses a countless barriers between Elizabeth and Darcy, including Lady Catherine who was trying to control on her nephew’s marriage. Mr.Bingley’s arrogance, Mrs. Bennet’s insanity and Wickham’s being dishonest and accused of fraud. In each one of those cases, apprehensions about social connections, or the desire for having a better social connections does interfere with the love of Darcy and Elizabeth realization of a mutual and tender love seems to indicate that Austen perspective of love as something independent of these social forces, as something that can be conquered if only an individual is able to get away the wrapping effect of their social society.

When Darcy meets Elizabeth, at first he is very resisted by his feeling whether he likes her or doesn’t like her based on her social wealth and Elizabeth family is not only the rather common but not wealthy as well. Moreover, they have no spectacular family connections either. Technically, Elizabeth is not allowed to be Darcy’s wife because Darcy is far above her on the social ranking. Another Example of the social class controlling character in the novel, is Mr. Collins who’s constant flattering all over Lady Catherine Debourgh
At that time, owned a land or going to own a land and not having money was the single most important standard which committed the social status of each individual. Lady Catherine tries so hard to discourage

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