Pride Can Hinder People From Taking Other 's Opinion Into Account

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Pride can hinder people from taking other’s opinion into account. Sophocles wrote the play Oedipus The King to accentuate that pride can lead to smugness and prevent an individual from listening to others. Oedipus, the protagonist, takes pride in his wisdom due to solving a riddle to become a king. As a result, he embarks upon a journey to unmask the culprit behind King Laois’ murder to free his people from the plague. However, during the process, the prophet, Teiresias, warns him that it might bring misery for himself. However, he does not pay heed and investigates further only to find that he is the murderer. This revelation comes to be abrasive for him. Sophocles crafts pride as a character flaw of Oedipus, to highlight the tragedy. He heightens the idea that too much of pride can lead to someone’s ultimate destruction.

Since many Thebans are distraught by the plague, it is Oedipus’ duty to bring peace in his city. He is penned as a character, who is reverenced and viewed upon as a god-like person, a ray of hope to many Thebans. They firmly believe he is capable of eradicating their agony as he is the one who freed them from the Sphinx by solving a riddle: they reckon his skill as their salvation, Thebes call him the savior, and they persuade him to be remembered “ as the King- god like in power, who gave [ them ] back [their] life...(25)”. Oedipus is overwhelmed by the way Thebans praise him. Life has always been invaluable to mankind: the ability of saving the lives of

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