Pride In The Iliad

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Driven by Pride
Pride is a natural part of a human being. It has driven us to the good and bad things in life. In Book I and VI of the “The Iliad”, the author, Homer shows the importance and existence of pride in the ancient world. Achilleus and Agamemnon were driven by pride in the decision they made. Pride had led the characters to be arrogant, make selfish decisions and self centered.
After reading “The Iliad”, it’s interesting how pride had affected the characters’ actions. In Book I of the “The Iliad”, Agamemnon wouldn’t give back Chryses’ daughter because it was something he had won. No matter how many people were killed by Apollo, Agamemnon would only give back his prize back to the Trojans if his prize is replaced with another, because then he wouldn’t be the only one without a prize (Homer, I,114-116). Homer wrote the story this way, to show the sense of pride in Agamemnon and how it had caused him to be a self-centered person. His pride had led him to think he can obtain
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Thetis asked, “Zeus of the counsels, lord of the Olympos, now do him honor. So long put strength in the Trojans, until the Achaians give my son his rights, and his honor is increased among them,” (Homer, I, 261-263). By seizing Briseis, Agamemnon had not only hurt Achilleus’ pride and take credit for all the glory, but also show who’s more powerful. Achilleus’ pride had taken over him and caused him to think about himself. His pride felt the need to show who’s more powerful after what Agamemnon had embarrassed him with. He needs to prove his people that he’s better so he can hold power over them.In the modern society today, when our honor are harmed, our pride strives to regain it by accomplishing something whether it’s to prove one with better scores or power. This is just like Achilleus who strived to harm Agamemnon’s army to regain
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