Pride and Prejudice- First Impressions

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The novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen was originally titled First Impressions. This is significant because it reflects the values and attitudes of 19th century England, and portrays the main themes of the novel. It is set in England during the 1800's and Austen focuses on a society whose opinions are based on first impressions.
This is achieved through cultural context, characterisation, narratorial commentary, and methods/techniques.

During the 19th Century, first impressions were very important. The reader is presented with Meryton, a highly structured class society which judges people on superficial qualities, such as physical appearance, social status, clothes, possessions, behaviour, dialogue. The message Austen positions
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The technique of characterisation has a major effect throughout the novel. It helped represent 19th century values and attitudes, as well as portray the notion of first impressions, and demonstrate how they dominated people's thoughts and minds during that particular time period. There were many incorrect
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