Pride and Prejudice Movie Review

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The time period of the movie was mid 19th century and the location of the movie was in this ugly old house. What I learned based on the setting and when this story occurs is that back then, there was more dancing back then. Also people fell in love way easier back then then we do now. And at that time, your parents could sell you for a good amount of money.

3.) The second oldest daughter in the Bennett's family is the protagonist in the movie. Her admirable smile and beauty attracts a lot of men. And she also loyal and honest. But she is really trying to get only one persons attention. She wants the attention from Mr. Bingley during the ball but he is acting as if he doesn't care for her presence. Later on during the movie he starts to show her some attention and care. Elizabeth starts to believe that Mr. Bingley is the one for her but she has no idea that he isn't the person that she really think he is. She figures that one that they are close that they will get married. But Mr. Bingley starts to act different and it changes Elizabeth's whole view and feelings of him

4.) 1) The first ball: this is an very important scene because this is when Lizzie and Mr. Darcy meets. This is where Mr. Darcy is willing to have conversations and disagreements with Lizzie. He starts to show her that he likes her and wants to be with her.

2) Welcome to Nether-field: This scene is very very important in the movie because Lizzie comes to…
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