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Elizabeth and Juliet both reject their parents’ choice of husband. How are strong feeling presented by the writers in these extracts? In Act 3 Scene 5 strong feelings are portrayed through out the scene. One example of this is at the start of the scene Juliet shows strong feelings of grief towards Romeo’s departure. “Yet let me weep for such a feeling loss.” This shows that she misses Romeo although he has only just left. The word ‘loss’ gives off the impressing Juliet feels she will never see Romeo again and that he is no longer hers. Another point in the scene her mood changes and she becomes very upset and angry at the fact her parents expect her to marry Paris. Juliet takes her mothers line – “The County Paris, at Saint Peter’s…show more content…
Her maturity is made clear directly after her wedding night when she partakes in her first sexual experience. Another point in Juliet’s maturation is when she is willing to break away from The Nurse after she says “I think it best you married the County.” This shows The Nurse is quite selfish and doesn’t care for Juliet’s feelings or that she is already married to Romeo. The phrase “I think” emphasizes the fact she only cares about her opinion. Having a nurse is a mark of childhood; by abandoning her nurse and showing full loyalty towards her Romeo, Juliet shows full maturity and responsibility. In Pride and Prejudice When Mr Collins proposes to Elizabeth she shows complete defiance as she refuses in favour of waiting for someone who she actually loves. She tells him that to accept his proposals ‘is absolutely impossible’ as her ‘feelings in every respect forbid it’. Clearly she is not afraid to go against what her mother wants and what is expected of her in society. Her harsh language and use of the word ‘forbid’ emphasises the force of her rejection. Much like Juliet, Elizabeth shows strong feelings of love/attraction to someone whom her parent(s) are not aware of. Another strong feeling is how Mrs Bennett is always feeling sorry for herself and her nerves and becomes very self-centred. She is very selfish in the sense she only cares about her future and not her daughter’s happiness. The quote “… and all of the others equally married, I shall

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