Pride and Prejudice: Social, Political and Intellectual Issues

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When gazing into the social, political and intellectual issues of the late 18th century, it is clear the massive impact this book had on the society at that time. During this period of time, the world, specifically the English-speaking world, was in the midst of a dramatic change. Being in the heart of the American Revolution meant many things for the people of England. As with any war, it brought the people of the nation together whilst pushing them further apart simultaneously. The connection of this era of time to the literary viewpoint of Pride and Prejudice is directly correspondent to the overwhelming issues of this period. Austen’s book challenges the reader of any generation by challenging the accepted status quo of the 18th…show more content…
This marriage was not an act of passionate love, but one of convenience. Mr. Collins sought an acceptable wife, and Charlotte was in need of a husband. Therefore, the two joined lives. It is noticeable that neither live a happy life, but both are content because they are no longer considered a single adult. Mr. Collins has the wife he wanted, and Charlotte has the opportunity to
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