Pride and Prejudice Values Juxtaposed Letters to Alice

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“Pride and Prejudice” and “Letters to Alice” contains many similarities yet some obvious differences even when considering the fact that they were written hundreds of years apart. Both texts provide strong perspectives on a variety of issues and are very blunt in their approach. The key issue throughout both novels is the ideology of marriage in the sense of whether one should marry for love or financial stability and standing. Both novels are written in an epistolary format providing a different perspective for the reader from the standardised third person format. Similarities and differences exist between the changing values of women within the two texts on such issues as moral standards and behaviours or class and social rank however…show more content…
The reason that Weldon is able to do this is due to the fact that the issues that Austen was writing about will be current for the rest of our lives. They apply today and will apply still in thousands of years to come.

This is evident in several issues addressed within theses texts however none more obvious than that of social rank/class. In Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”, representative to Austen’s time, there are clear divisions of class and rank, by the time Weldon is writing these classes have significantly changed. Today there is not such a chasm between classes and one is free to move up or down much easier than in Austen’s time and as a result our values have changed. We don’t judge as significantly on someone’s inheritance or ancestry but rather their behaviour, their skills and abilities and just how they themselves are. No matter what year, time or place there will always be classes and ranks as no two people are the same. What changes is how we perceive class and rank. This is something that is reinforced within both texts. In “Pride and Prejudice” Elizabeth is not as highly ranked as many other characters yet through Austen’s didactic writing we see her as the pinnacle of the people that deserve respect as this is how Austen is instructing us to see her. This attitude was uncharacterised for her time and leads to another similarity

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