Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

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A social norm is a standard that applies to any point and era in time; a.k.a. the idea of normality in each decade of time. In Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, “normal” was the ideal image of “perfection”; “perfection” being the hard-working husband, the stay at home wife, and the two perfect kids (preferably both boys). But social norms don’t just apply to family structures, they also apply to marriage. Now marriage is a very simple and yet complex topic, most of the time it’s just the ceremony, reception, and then you send the “happy” couple on their way. But other times it’s the exact opposite. Now why are social norms so important in the theme of marriage? Well that’s because the whole main idea in Pride and Prejudice is marriage. In the theme of marriage we can “dig” down deeper than what appears. For example breaking it down into to three categories relating to social norms: the norm where the women decide who they want to marry, the person accepts the marriage with no exceptions, and finally where a single man is always in want/need of a wife (no matter what). In the book Pride and Prejudice many characters demonstrate these social norms, but out of all of them, 3 characters demonstrate them more than the rest; specifically Elizabeth Bennet, Charlotte Lucas, and Mr. Darcy. The first social norm is where the person (the person being asked) decides if THEY want to marry the person who’s proposing. This means that they decide whether or

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