Pride 's Pride Goes Before Destruction

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Pride Pride goes before destruction, a haughty sprit before a fall, (Proverbs 16:18, The Bible KJV). As a child this was always the answer that was given to me. I grew up in a very religious house hold, and it was always important for us to have pride, but never too much. Pride is something taken in small measures, too much, like alcohol, is not good. I grew up knowing what pride can do, but not what it was. Pride is defined as the quality or state of being proud: as inordinate self-esteem, a reasonable or justifiable self-respect (Merriam- Webster online dictionary). There are many faces to pride. From the mother watching her child get that winning touchdown, receiving an A in a class that you work very hard to get, or the homeless man on the street, who doesn’t want anyone to know. In these times we are living now, pride seem to be considered a bad thing. It is now written synonymously with boastful, arrogance and even conceit. We need to understand pride for what it is. Pride to me is the driving force behind human innovation, determination, and imagination. It creates within us a need to build bigger, run faster, and imagine on a grand scale. All of this is done to build ones’ pride. It is not something that should be taken negatively it is the fuel to make a person go. The backbone to every motivaton. Pride brings out the innovator inside of us. Steve Jobs was the most arrogant, self-centered, egotistical, prideful person anyone could ever read about. But
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