Pride vs. Humility Essay

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Pride vs. Humility The Bible teaches us that humility is a virtue worth seeking and that pride is a sin. Culture throughout history seems to disagree with this perspective. Or do they, is it just so elusive that we grow weary of seeking it and simply give up? Does the lack of humility have any profound effects on our lives? Or can we simply cease striving for a goal that offers no benefit to our success and happiness? Pride is not a new attitude. We see pride is the source of the fall of Lucifer from glory in Isaiah 14:12-17 and will ultimately lead to his demise as we read in Revelation 20:10. (HSCB) King Nebuchadnezzar was so prideful in his accomplishments in building his kingdom that God caused him to go insane and live as a…show more content…
2. The state or feeling of being proud. 3. A becoming or dignified sense of what is due to oneself or one's position or character; self-respect; self-esteem. (Definition of Pride) The definition of pride points to self. We are reliant upon our own merits and strength, which means we are not submitted to God as an authority and Master of our lives. Pride also creates division between teams whether that is in a work, school, or serving environment. According to Adrian Rogers the following are characteristics of pride in an individual: • A proud person becomes irritated when corrected for mistakes. • A proud person accepts praise for things over which he or she has no control. • Pride will not admit mistakes. • Pride refuses to take counsel and to learn from other people. • Pride often shows itself in competition with other people. Pride does not want more; pride wants more than somebody else. (Rogers) When we are going through our day with pride as our guide we are focused on ourselves. It leads to us to become “competitive, attention-seeking, narcissistic, obsessed with their appearance and entitled.” (Dean) When those traits are our focus we are not concerned with others on our team. That causes tension because we will only be aware of our needs and promoting our successes. Because of the sense of entitlement is present we tend to feel unjustly treated when we don’t get

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