Primacy Effect

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“A personality for the incredibly beautiful can be a pointless cargo...” (Brand 97). Regardless of a beautiful person’s actual ability, they are generally considered to be more able in almost every aspect than less attractive people. According to Benjamin Karney, professor of social psychology and co-director of the Relationship Institute at UCLA, people often treat others differently based on their perceived attractiveness (Soderburg 1). In this case, an ugly person can be defined as one who does not possess the general physical characteristics that most people would associate with beauty. Ugly people get the short-end-of-the-stick when it comes to both their looks and how well they are treated by strangers. Whether it be on purpose or inadvertently, beautiful people are almost always…show more content…
Strangers will base their actions toward another person based on the first things they notice about that person, which most often includes a person’s looks. This proclivity is known as the “primacy effect”. “[The] primacy effect is the tendency to be influenced by what information we gather first…This information can be physical attractiveness…” (Hein 1). Although it is not certain as to why this effect is in place, it is certain that this effect is real and common in today’s society. This inclination for attractiveness to equal superior treatment follows over into areas of a person’s life that are not exclusively centered around recreational social interaction. For example, those who are universally thought of as being attractive “make 12 percent more money than those regarded as less good-looking” (Dobson 1). This shows that, yet again, beautiful people receive unjustified advantages from the unknowing people they interact with on a daily basis only because they are physically
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