Primacy Effect on Attractiveness

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Primacy Effect on Attractiveness Throughout your adolescence people had a distinct idea of who you were and where you fit into the chaos that was your high school career. Many, if not all, high schools have cliques that you happen to fall into. In the typical portrayal of high school, there are the ‘Jocks’ and the ‘Cheerleaders’, who may not be the brightest of the bunch. The ‘Nerds’, who although you would never date, you wouldn’t mind if they tutored you for an upcoming test. Then, there are a selected group of individuals that seemed to have gotten the brains and the beauty. Again typically speaking, you found this elite group taking up ranks in student government or perhaps you came across them in the “Most Likely to Succeed” section of the yearbook. Without haste you could easily know that these people were going places. Although we may disagree that we don’t judge a book by its cover, there has been irrefutable evidence that, as humans, we do just that. We critique everyone we come into contact with, whether it is consciously or subconsciously, and form impressions about people based off of a miniscule amount of time. This cognitive process cannot be overlooked and causes us to stereotype people as discussed by Ambady and Skowronski (2008). This is also known as the primacy effect: information that is first presented should have a stronger impact on an individual’s impressions then subsequent information (Lee). With the primacy effect this can lead people to
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