Primark Company Report

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1.0 Introduction

2.0 Nature of the business

3.0 Market position within the industry as a whole

4.0 Main objectives of the business

5.0 Quality standards & approaches for service quality

6.0 Customer profile & target market segment

7.0 Competitor profile & marketing methods

8.0 Employment practices & investing in people

9.0 External influences which impact on the business and your role in the business

10.0 Products & Services

11.0 Conclusion and Opportunities


1.0 Introduction
Primark Stores Ltd. Is a value fashion retailer that was founded in 1969 and operates as a subsidiary of Associated British Foods plc. Primark sell a wide variety of product from
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Primark remains unbeatable at price in comparison with almost all products it offers and if not the quality of product is often found to be superior.
Unlike other fashion retailers, Primark do not use marketing strategies to attract interest and customers as the brand try to keep overheads to a minimum in order to sustain the best prices for the consumer. Primark market its products using its store window displays, which are changed twice a week to showcase the newness in product currently in store. There are also a few weekly magazines that showcase Primark womenswear’s latest products, but this is done independently and Primark play no part in marketing these products themselves.

9.0 Employment practices & investing in people
Primark head office consists of a large HR force that sits to ensure that not only appropriate new recruits are selected to join the Head Office workforce, but also to ensure that current employees are. As an employee of Primark and working within the head office there are many training courses that are provided to help develop skills such as Yarns to Fibre training, excel training, management training and negotiation training. All head office employees are also given a review every 6 months by their department manager which allows the employee
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