Primark Strategic Marketing Audit

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Strategic Marketing Audit


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Primark Facebook

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1. Executive Summary
2. Brand Introduction
3. Brand Onion
4-5. The Consumer
6-7. Internal Analysis
8. Promotional Strategy
9. Price Strategy
10. Product & Price Hierarchy
11. Product Strategy


12. Distribution strategy

24. Brand Identity Prism

14. The Competition
15. Brand Positioning Map
16-17. H&M
18-19. Financial Analysis

25. Rogers Theory of Innovation
26. Consumer Segmentation Table
27. Ansoff’s Matrix Theory
28. H&M SWOT Analysis
29. Like for Like Comparison

20-21. External Analysis

30. PESTLE Analysis

22-23. Objectives

31-32. Bibliography

This marketing audit will critically analyse the
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Consumer A
‘60% of Primark sales revenue comes from outside the UK. Most of Primark customers are from Europe and the Arab
Nation, with a marginal amount coming from the B.R.I.C Nation,’ BBC.

The predominantly female consumer base craves economical, accessible fashion. They conventionally shop in bulk a few times a month or a few times a week for selective products.
(For Roger’s Theory of Adoption see
Appendix Two)
Three consumer types have been identified within Primark.

Consumer B

Consumer C




•In current education of college, A-Levels or Undergraduate degree

•Working professionals and potentially parents

•Mainly parents and parttime workers

•Purchase less frequently but more in transaction

•Mid-low income who want value for money

•Early adopters of trends
•Tend to buy in bulk and matching outfits
•Very digitally savvy with the latest technology
•Has few financial outgoings- When they have money these consumers are less thoughtful about the price
•Living in busy towns or cities •Large demand for innovation and fast fashion

•Mid-High income
•Purchase for practicality and long durability
•Will shop in many departments within the brand
•Less conscious about up to date fashionability
•Early/Late Majority

•Childrenswear appeals mostly •Not conscious about fashionability, more about durability •Not digitally aware, but want quick and easy access •Late majority/Laggards

Consumer A is the prime segment that Primark target.
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