Primark's Organizational Structure

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All aspects of organisational behaviour are influenced by the structure of the organisation. As we have seen Primark operates a carbon copy bureaucracy, therefore when concentrating on the individual Belfast store, a machine bureaucracy is easily identified. This highly bureaucratic structure can affect a company in many ways, but this section focuses on the relationship between structure and motivation. We studied how Primark motivates and how it fails to motivate its employees and how the machine bureaucracy impacts on this process. The word motivation is coined from the Latin word "movere", which means to move. According to Daft (2010: pg 506) motivation ‘refers to the forces either within or external to a person that arouse …show more content…
Sales assistants are able to climb the ladder of management without a degree. Primark always advertise these positions internally before they advertise externally. Employees can view the organisation as a hierarchical structure and aim to work their way up through the company. This is a motivation factor for all employees, even senior management within the Belfast store because Primark being a multinational company can offer positions at head offices or in another country. This is Maslow’s self actualisation factor and a ‘motivator’ factor of Hertzberg’s two factor theory.

This can also relate to the process theories such as the expectancy and equity theories. The expectancy theory (Appendix c) predicts that individuals will be motivated if they value the reward given for work and believe this is a just reward. By working hard and professionally they can achieve promotion and so become motivated. The basis of the equity theory is related to one’s perception of job input and outcomes and those of their colleagues (Appendix d). Employees in Primark who have high input and outcomes can see these outcomes through the opportunity of promotion. However such fairness does not always arise in Primark.

Currently all sales assistants in Primark are all paid the same wage, and all are in receipt of benefits such as sick pay, pension schemes, productivity, and service hours. However this equality can result in

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