Primary Ambulatory Care Center Ehr And Meaningful Use

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HIM 6640 Case Studies in Health Information Management
Name: Bayo Oshunlalu
Case #: 1 – 19
Case Title: Primary Ambulatory Care Center EHR and Meaningful Use.

Qu. 1. What major elements do you need to consider in the project to propose a selected EHR system and become a meaningful user?
Gaining familiarity
A multi-physician-owned primary ambulatory care practice and the board of directors seek to embark on implementing an EHR system that will enable the organization to meet the meaningful use requirements of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). The decision to embark on the project was mainly driven by the incentive program offered by the stage I of the HITECT/ARRA, and to provide the organization with the capability to streamline their registration, billing, and bedside documentation process.
Recognized Symptoms
The first step necessary to begin with the EHR implementation process is the assessment of the organization’s readiness for an electronic system; these assessments will include the expectation of the organization regarding the proposed EHR system, the clinical goals of the practice, and the financial ramification of embarking on the EHR project. Furthermore, the assessment will highlight various processes that will include administrative procedures, clinical workflow redesign, data collection process and data integrity issues, how literate are staff members with computers (the need to offer education program in basic computer usage), special
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