Primary Care And Primary Health Care

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Primary care and Primary Health Care(PHC) are two terms that appear synonyms and are both used interchangeably, however, both terms contain slightly different meaning. According to Muddon, Hogg, Levitt (2006), Primary Health Care is based on the WHO definition which defines PHC as “an essential part of the health care based on practically, socially acceptable methods and technology that is made universally accessible to anyone in a community, through the full cost of the community and country can afford”. In other words, PHC is usually the first contact of care for the patient, and what it does is to bring care close to the community. PHC focuses on the broader social determinants of health, offers a broader concept, and is more focused on community based programs. According to the Ottawa website, Primary care is defined “as narrow concept of “family doctor-type” services delivered to individual patients, but it can also apply to all first-contact care, including emergency room visits”. In order words, primary care involves services provided to the patient directly for new or old needs, which involves accessibility of care. Furthermore, primary care ensures that there is a continuity of care as the patient’s moves from different providers, such as secondary providers. Primary care is an element within primary health care that focuses on the promotion of health, and primary care is the representation of clinical care of primary health care. Although both terms are used
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