Primary Care Practitioners For Medical Students

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There is a need for doctors in all specialties, but none more than primary care. Primary care physicians (also known as family practitioners) are the workhorses of medicine. They are the doctors on the front lines working in clinics and hospitals providing medical care for anyone who comes through the door. Family practitioners are jacks-of-all-trades but masters of none, leaving the mastering to the specialists who specialize in certain areas of medicine. Specialists typically see patients who have either been referred by family practitioners or have more severe issues. Because of this, we need more family doctors than any other kind of doctor, which is why the decline of this specialty is so serious. Why is it that medical students are going different routes? That is the million-dollar question researchers have been studying in order to reverse the trend. Primary care physicians are on the lower end of the totem pole when it comes to ranking doctors, and on top of that they typically make less money than most specialties. Are these the reasons that medical students are deterred from family practice? A group of researchers set out to find out. Michael Compton and his colleagues surveyed hundreds of students over the course of their time in medical school and found that “students wanting a high-prestige career were more likely to be interested in a non- primary care specialty than a primary care specialty” (1099). In other words, medical students looking for a prestigious…
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