Primary Career Goal

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My primary career goal is to become a physician practicing evidence-based medicine in making treatment decisions with patients. This, combined with my longstanding passion for genetics, prompted my MS application with hopes of developing an understanding for genetics, which I believe will maintain relevance and importance in the medical field throughout my lifetime. Within an understanding of research contributing to evidence-based medicine, in contrast to current practice-based research, I would especially like to investigate the role of epigenetics in diseased states.
As an eager fifth-grader in 2005, I quickly set my heart and sights on exploring genetics after a weeklong summer camp, “Designer Genes”, which ending in my running home with a small plastic tube of strawberry DNA I had proudly extracted, gushing to my family about everything I learned from transcription to translation. While new discoveries have drastically developed the field since, my interest and enthusiasm have yet to dwindle. As such, I elected to take advanced courses in biology/genetics and, beginning early as a rising senior in high school and ending only recently
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While completing a BS degree in Cell and Molecular Biology at the University of Michigan, I was able to focus on a small independent project at Wicha lab, investigating CSC epithelial-mesenchymal and mesenchymal-epithelial transition states in breast tumors, their clinical relevance, and how scientists may push either transition in various cell lines. Throughout this project, I became familiar with planning and running molecular biology experiments, which requires detailed knowledge especially in analysis, trouble-shooting, and developing further
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