Primary Cause Of Childhood Sexual Abuse

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Background Description The definition of this kind of abuse has changed over the years. Sexual relations between adults and children was not always considered abusive and illegal (Kinnear, 2007). In early history, “female of ‘three years and one day’ could be betrothed by sexual intercourse with her father’s permission. Intercourse with one younger was not a crime nut invalid” (Rush, 1980, p. 17). As time progressed, society’s attitude of Child Sexual Abuse has changed. In the United States and many other countries, children were no longer seen as possessions. Sexual relations with children are generally considered to be wrong and there are laws in place to protect children from Child Sexual Abuse.
Childhood Sexual Abuse are acts that takes
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Some of the theories focus on the family while others focus on the offender. The family perspective suggests that family dynamics are what is to blame for abuse. An example of this is that fathers may blame the mothers for abandoning them and they may also believe that they are not at fault, but it is the family situation that caused it. With that said, certain professionals believe that the offender is the primary cause of the abuse work in institutions that house offenders. This may cause them to fail to examine the roles of families in the victimization or its impact on the family. Some contributing factors can come from the family system, the culture, and the offender’s current life situation, personality, or previous…show more content…
Biological theories look for organic explanations for what causes such abuse. A person looking into this would be (for example) investigating psychological factors like hormone levels. Psychodynamic theories examine unresolved problems that occurred during various stages of the perpetrator’s development. Behavioral theories focus on deviant behavior as it may be considered a learned condition. Pertaining to attachment theories, how humans need to establish strong bonds with others and how when emotional stress or loss causes, they account and abuse children is examined. Lastly, integrated theories attempt to examine all of the previous reasons of why individuals sexually abuse children, believing that there is not one cause for such
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