Primary Cause Of The French Revolution

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The primary causes of the American Revolution were because of the unjust treatment of the colonists. The French and Indian War was extremely expensive for Britain, so to pay off the debt they decided to tax the American colonies. Several taxes were created, one of them was the Stamp Act. This act required the colonists to pay taxes on every piece of paper that was used, such as legal documents, licenses, newspapers, ship’s papers, etc.

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If I had to be apart of the French Revolution I would be Louise-Renée Leduc, or Louise Reine Audu. I was a French fruit seller, known for my participation in the French revolution. I was counted as one of the Heroines of the revolution. On October 5, 1789, I alongside Theroigne de Mericourt,
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First and foremost, Louis XVI and Marie lost their power over the throne and the balance of the power was completely off when the commoners had control of the king. Once the king was in Paris, they gained control of the country as well. The march was a also symbolization of the strength the women had politically. The women marched all the way to Versailles, and they demanded what they wanted, and eventually got what they asked for. In the end, Louis XVI and Marie no longer had any control over France. They were essentially prisoners in Paris, never returning to Versailles.…show more content…
I earned critical praise for work that explored religious and classical themes. I was born in NY and was known for sculpting abolitionist leaders and civil war heros. In 1867 I moved to Rome and used the neoclassical style to voice my concerns about the revolution. My work over the next few decades moved between African-American themes influenced by Catholicism.

One of my most prized works was "Forever Free" (1867), a sculpture depicting a black man and woman emerging from the bonds of slavery. Another one of my pieces, "The Arrow Maker" (1866), draws on my Native-American roots and shows a father teaching his young daughter how to make an arrow.

One important event during this time would be the development of the railroad. Railroads were very important to the increase in trade throughout the United States. By the start of the Civil War ,the railroads began to link the most important Mid West cities with the Atlantic coast. Railroads further opened the west and connected raw materials to factories and markets. A transcontinental railroad was completed in 1869 at Promontory, Utah (Kelly, n.d).
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