Primary Causes Of The Civil War Essay

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After America was already independent from the British colonies, the country was growing slowly. But there was something that was stopping its growth, it was the issues of the Federal Government, the Louisiana Purchase, the Indian lands contact, slavery, and the way that the government wanted to organize the country. All this issues led the North and the South to divide and create armies for a civil war that will be coming up. The reasons why this war happened is the most controversial topic that can be talked about in America’s history. But, the primary causes of the Civil War in America was the issue of states’ rights and the preservation of the Union rather than the issue of slavery. According to the article “Union is Dissolved” published…show more content…
Calhoun believed that the Federal Government was considered “unconstitutional and oppressive”. Bruce Catton, in his book, “The Civil War” explained that “southerners believed, there would be legislation - a stiff high-tariff law, for instance - that would ruin the South.” The people believed that they would have to pay high taxes, and they didn’t have much money even though they were the producers of cotton. Economy was not that good in the South, so they would complain if they had to pay high taxes. The North and the South argued about the slavery issue - whether it should be allowed or not - in the Louisiana Purchase land. (Missouri Compromise, 1820) “John Quincy Adams wrote that he considered the debate over the compromise nothing less than “a title-page to a great, tragic volume” [...]” (Catton, 11). The government did not allow slavery in the new land, and if there was slavery it will be punished and the people involved will have to pay high…show more content…
Some were in disagreement of having to unite with the rest of the land and not letting them have slavery. Also some didn’t want to pay taxes or to deal with the indians living in the new land. “William Lowndes Yancey argued hotly that the South would never find happiness except by leaving the Union and setting up an independent nation.” (Catton, 15) The South just didn’t want to stay in the Union, they thought they were just different people, they had different ways of living, different lifestyles, different customs, etc. They thought they were better by themselves and setting a new government. What if that actually happened? Would have they regretted of separating from the
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