Primary Determinants Of Success For Organizations

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Every organization?s success thrives on a variety of factors. However, one of the primary determinants of success in organizations is diversity. Teams have been successful at embracing diversity have registered impressive successes and changes. This is because diversity attracts talent and creativity, and contributes towards employee job retention (Darden, 2012). Through embracing diversity, individuals appreciate the various contributions have to offer and give each other equal opportunities to participate in organizational growth. Diversity also means that appreciating and taking into account contributions from all employee, regardless of their gender or age. However, diversity has failed to take root in most organizations due to the discrimination launched against women in the workplace. This is because many doubt whether women have the capacity to be leaders. Also, this promote gender bias because of the negative performance expectations that result from the perception that there is a poor fit between what women are like and the attributes believed necessary for successful performance in male gender typed positions and roles.(Heilman,2012). When trying to understand the basis of a female in discrimination in the workplace, and even in society as a whole, various factors come in mind. The factors of stereotyping that stands out. Society has established various stereotypes regarding both men and women, most of which are mistakenly applied in
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