Primary Document : China And China

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Tristan Maness
Dr. Aderinto
HIST 107-03
September 5, 2014

Primary Document:China

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the name of the country China? Probably, like most people you think of The Great Wall or of the Monarchs. China is so much more than a 5,500-mile long wall of brick, and families ruling for hundreds and hundreds of years. China is bursting with 9.6 million square kilometers ("Land Area.”) of delicate mountains, rivers and temperate climates. As well, China has a very storied, and treasured culture that has been enriched by many years of perseverance and the mindset to never stop improving, even in the face of hardships.
The society and people from China in the early years were not so different from China today; many of the traditional beliefs and values are still intact. One very prominent value in the early Chinese culture was religion and the role it played. Religion was not only important on a spiritual level, but also at a governmental level. For example, during the rule of emperor Yu, Shu ching said that “heaven chose the rulers of the government”, and they held ministers at very high positions. Stating that heaven chose the rulers of the government illustrates that Chinese religious values played a crucial role in early civilization, and in choosing who ruled there country. It is evident though the entire history of China; from the Xia dynasty, Shang dynasty, and to the modern Chinese government that religion
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