Primary Functions Of Police In Robert Peel's Principles Of Law Enforcement

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Robert Peel was tasked with creating a police force to combat the criminal element during the Industrial Revolution period. During this time period Peel understood that primary function of the police was to prevent crime, not by force but by preventive patrol of the community. By having this task, Peel came up with the Principles of Policing to ensure quality of control by these law enforcement and the security of the community of which they are protecting.

The Principles of Policing are

-The police must be stable, efficient, and organized along military lines.

Which means in order to maintain a certain decent living standard the protectors of the community. In my opinion to keep the community or the criminal element for trying to overrun the officers. Therefore, officers must be trained to conform to the different situations may arise and be able to efficiently maintain order. Civil unrest happens (not often) but when the time does come officers must be able to handle the unrest with the strength of the officers. This is true in society now department must have the strength and organization of the military to combat the resistance of the civil unrest.

-The police must be under government control.

This to ensure that the officers will carry out the law, regardless to if the officer(s) necessary agree with the laws that are in placed. Also to keep officers neutral in order to show the citizens that there are there to maintain social order and not certain special

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