Primary Health Care Systems

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Introduction Health care is everyone’s business. It is what every individual fights to maintain, it affects a communities social and economical status and is continually discussed at a global level. Education, access to information, equipment and professionals has a direct influence on a community’s level of health. Health varies across regions, not everyone has access to these basic health systems, in order to sustain a level of health, programs and promotions supported by government funding and professionals are undertaken however there success can be depended on the consideration of the external influences and restrictions. The world health organsiation (1978) empowered nations to embrace a primary health care system. Primary health care is the first level of contact people have with the health system, its aim is to bringing health care as close to people as possible to where they live, learn, work and play. All health professionals should understand primary health care, its philosophy, goals and determinants; it should be the underlying influence which governs their practice. The key elements to the success of primary health care are; health promotion, disease prevention, equity in health status, health education, inter-sectorial care planning and organization, accessibility, appropriate technology, and public participation. A primary health care system involves health professionals working together and delivering care within a specific environment and local community.
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