Primary Nursing Diagnoses Paper

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Nursing Diagnoses Two Primary Nursing Diagnoses The primary nursing diagnosis for this patient is impaired gas exchange, related to abnormal ventilation and perfusion ratio, as evidenced by restlessness, irritability, anxiety, decreased level of consciousness, abnormal arterial blood gases, and abnormal skin color (Gulanick & Myers, 2014, p. 82). A.C. has an endotracheal tube (ETT), and there is a note for the next day to have surgery to put in a tracheostomy. She is currently a smoker, her C02 is 74.6mEq/L which is high, her pH is low at 7.19, and the bicarbonate is 28.6mEq/L which is high. Her oxygen saturation is maintaining at 90%. Her PA02 is 56mm Hg and FI02 is 0.60. The patient is very anxious and restless in the bed, despite sedation and pain medication, and her skin is pale in color and she is diaphoretic. Risk for infection is the next nursing diagnosis priority for A.C. This patient has an altered mental status, she is allowed nothing by mouth, has a history of diabetes and obesity, and her glucose is 95, but gets up to 222. She has an increased temperature of…show more content…
194-195). The fourth nursing diagnosis that pertains to her is anxiety related her inability to breath adequately without support, the unknown outcome, her inability to speak from intubation, a change in the environment, a change in health status, and her not having insurance, and this is evidenced by restlessness, being unable to sedate her, and her uncooperative behavior(Gulanick & Myers, 2014, p. 416). The last nursing diagnosis for this patient is risk for decreased cardiac output related to her mechanical ventilation (Gulanick & Myers, 2014, p.
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