Primary Prevention Research

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Marriage is an important issue in people’s life because it brings couples close relationship and children. There are a lot of benefits of marriage such as longer life expectancy, better sex experience, strong emotional support and close family bond. However, in the United States, the divorce rate becomes higher than the past because of marital conflicts, financial problems, external marital affairs and etc. According to the statistics, new couples in the modern society since 1990s have a 50% chance to get divorced (Stanley et al., 1995). With the more liberal the society become, the moral judgement of marriage is weaker, and divorced people don’t have the concern of being blamed or suppressed anymore. For enhancing the consistent
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The marriage counselors usually use primary prevention to help engaged couples. The primary prevention is a tool that prevent problem occurs, or change the potential risky behaviors which can lead to divorce. There are several tools of primary prevention including education, community or organization intervention, competency promotion and natural caregiving (Gullotta, 1986). Based on these tools, different activities are created according to different aspects in martial life. In addition, each couple has their special marital style. Stanley et al. (1995) explain that groups of complementary, conflict minimizing, best friend and emotionally expressive are four categories of couple style. From the treatment, new engaged couple can know more their marital styles and what's the possible challenging they may…show more content…
Also, her emotions will fluctuate during the pregnancy. The activity is going to attend a child preparation class, and write a report about what they learn. New couples usually don’t have enough knowledge about child bearing, so it’s better for them to attend a class to learn what to expect, and what to do as dad and mom. The tool uses here is anticipatory guidance to help new couples find a new way cope with the childbirth preparation less anxious and stressful. Moreover, permitting the father into the delivery room is a good choice to enhance the marital relationship. This example belongs to modification or break the
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