Primary Research Comes Directly from the Customers

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Primary Research By Primary research we mean, getting information directly from the customers. There are several ways we can get information directly from customers. We can interview customers. We can survey customers. We can observe customers actions and behaviors. All of these methods have their pros and cons. Interviewing Customers We need to identify target customers. Then we need to focus on purpose of interviewing customers. We may want to extend relationship with customers. We may want to increase business with customers. Or we may be trying to address customer grievance. Whatever may be our purposes, we must be clear about those purposes. Better approach would be to interview customer face to face. However, we can rely on technology to interview customer. For example, we can use Skype to video or audio interview customers. We can send e-mail to customer to get answer of interview questions. Surveying Customers Interviewing individual in large customer base will be a daunting task. It may not be cost effective. To cover a large customer base from the target market segment, we can use surveying techniques. We need to prepare list of effective questionnaires. Questionnaires must include open questions as well as close questions. Product Manager prepares this questionnaires with the help of appropriate functionaries. Then we have to find a way to send this questionnaires to target customers. We can use internet to do survey. We can use a popular magazine targeted for
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