Primary Responsibilities. •Manage Large Amounts Of Incoming

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Primary responsibilities • Manage large amounts of incoming calls • Identify and assess the needs of customers and ensure satisfaction is achieved • Generate sales leads • Use open and interactive communication to build sustainable relationships of trust with customers • Use the right methods/tools to provide information that is accurate, valid and complete • Meet customer service team and personal sales targets and call handling quotas • Assist with placement of orders, refunds, or exchanges • Advise on company information. • Handle customer complaints, and provide appropriate solutions and alternatives to the customers within the time limits • Make follow ups to ensure resolution • Inform customer of deals and promotions • Place or…show more content…
The job of maintaining this good relationship requires the individual employees to sometimes put themselves in their customers’ shoes and advocate for them if necessary to ensure that all the parties are satisfied (Workable, 2017). As such, their selection must be objective and should ensure that only the individuals with the capability of being good representatives of the company to the customers and are also able to inform the company of the customers’ concerns are recruited. Requirements The professional requirements for the customer service representative job according to Workable (2017) include; • Proven experience in customer support or experience as a client service representative • Strong skills in phone contact handling and active listening • Familiarity with customer relationship management systems and practices • Track record of over-achieving quota • Good customer orientation and the ability to adapt and respond to different types of characters • Excellent communication and presentation skills • Ability to multi-task, prioritize, and effective time management • Good background training in customer service management. College diploma. Personal Qualities of an Ideal Candidate The ideal personal qualifications for a customer service representative would be a person that have carries these special traits: • Excited to help customers • Patient • Empathetic • Passionately communicative • Love to talk Interview In the selection process,
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