Primary, Seconday and Tertiary Interventions: Haiti 2010 Essay

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Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Prevention Interventions: Haiti 2010 *Primary prevention nursing interventions:
Primary prevention and nursing interventions include: the workers and volunteers receiving available, necessary and appropriate shots prior to entering Haiti. For the Haitians, immunization would also be given. This is very important against, Hepatitis, and other rare, yet deadly diseases, such as measles, mumps, rubella, and pertussis. Education regarding: safe and proper sanitation practices; hand washing and personal hygiene; maintaining trash in designated areas; staying active by volunteering/assisting and caring for other fellow Haitian children and neighbors; clearing and cleaning out clutter and using available
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It would help to screen everyone for the proper use of sanitation, hand washing, and trash disposal, as this is the easiest way to spread disease.
These prevention interventions would be started as early as the 2nd phase, and throughout the 5th phase. I would enroll the collaboration of the CDC, FEMA, Red Cross, National Guards, other military personnel, medical staff, volunteers and myself. The more man power there is available to screen the people, the more that can get done and more effectively.

*Tertiary Prevention Nursing Interventions:
Tertiary prevention nursing interventions include: planning follow-up with the people treated for diseases to assure they are following treatment and to offer rehabilitation like activities in order to maintain the best quality of daily life and decrease chances of disease progression; repeat demonstration of washing hands, verbalize proper use of sanitation facilities, and disposing of trash; offering adequate physical and occupational therapy instructions; evaluation of proper medication treatment, dressing changes and wound care; assessing living/sleeping quarters for safety and cleanliness in order to promote healthy/safe practices.
These prevention interventions would start at 3rd phase and throughout 5th phase. I would enroll the collaboration of

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