Primary Source Analysis For The Nobility Of The German Nation

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Prerak Sachdev
November 15, 2015
Primary Source Analysis: Address To The Nobility of the German Nation For my primary source I chose the “The Three Walls Of The Romanists” - a section of the “Address To The Nobility of the German Nation” written by Martin Luther in 1520. I am captivated in Martin Luther because he stood up to the Pope and the Emperor and broached his thoughts to the world. After spending some rightful time researching about what he did for the Reformation, I was completely absorbed. Martin Luther considered that redemption came by faith alone, which meant that by faith alone one could get into heaven. This belief was different from the Catholic Church because the church alleged that one needed the church’s help to get into heaven. The Church sold forbearance, which was when one came to the church to ask for forgiveness of their sins, and then the church charged money to the disciple of Christ for forgiveness of their sins. Luther expressed anger concerning the Church and the Pope because the Pope was manipulating the people. In the Introduction of this document, Luther tried to coax the German aristocracy that the Pope was evil and that they should reliance in God. Martin spoke with anger when he proved his point about the pope and the church. Luther said, “Their malice and wickedness I will now, by the help of God, expose, so that, being known, they may henceforth cease to be so obstructive and injurious.” Luther tried to prove that the Church and the…
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