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Cinthya Perez History 102 “Letters to King Jao of Portugal,” was written by the king of Kongo, King Affonso, who’s real name was Nzinga Mbemba. King Affonso writes this letter directed to the king of Portugal, King Jao, to inform him about his concerns of his people. The letter is dated 1526 and takes place in the Kingdom of Kongo, which by during this time slave trade is going on (705). Throughout the letter of King Affonso seems to beg King Jao for help rather than being demanding, “again we beg of your Highness to agree with it”(707), remarks King Affonso. When the slave trade in Africa began, many authorities formed alliances with Europeans in hope of strengthening their government. This happened to be the case with the King of…show more content…
A piece of evidence that impacts the whole document and King Affonso’s concern is that he mentions quiet frankly that he does not want his people or his noblemen taken from his land and sold into slavery. King Affonso pretty much implies that the Portuguese can go and take all the people that they want as long as they do not belong to his kingdom. The text is focused on a letter that is written by the highest authority whom had agreed to trading with these Portuguese but it does not inform on the thoughts of actually civilians experiencing and eye witnessing what is happening nor does it show any response of the King of Portugal. In order to really find out what is really going on, it is important to understand all sides to really make a thorough conclusion of any sort of bias. I believe I can imply that if countries with lesser wealth were agreeable to converting religions in order to attract wealthier countries into trading, then they would probably be convinced to do things that they did not even want to do just to satisfy the other country. For example: when King Affonso tells King Jao of being opposed to slave trade, he should have been demanding but, instead he writes in such a nice way and often calls him “your Highness” and begs for the supplies that he needs. As a King he should
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