Primary Stage Of A Stable Personality Trait

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To begin with, on the Locus of Control questionnaire I scored a 7. By interpreting my score I would suggest that I have a low score which gives me an internal locus of control. I basically see myself as responsible for the reinforcements that I attain and fail to attain in my life. The locus of control is to be considered a primary stage of a stable personality trait. According to Nourah Algadheeb, “Persons with an internal locus of control attribute their success or failure in life to their own abilities and efforts, whereas persons with an external locus of control think that their success or failure is the result of outside factors, such as luck or a poor instructional environment (Parameswari & Shamala, 2012) (17). I definitely agree…show more content…
Manager Strengths On the self-confidence questionnaire, I scored a 14. With a score of 14 this primarily means that I scored in the top quartile of all individuals who were given this type of questionnaire. I believe that with scoring the highest in the top quartile, I’m most definitely a confident person. Being a confident person in life is very critical. Confidence brings great abilities in speaking; performing well on an exam, studying without distractions, setting goals that I know will improve my life, and being successful at reaching my goals. Your level of confidence will not deteriorate if you’re already in the top quartile. According to my score on the emotion control questionnaire, I am also ranked in the top quartile which gave me a score of 14. Top quartile scores range from 13-14 so this lets me know personally that I have a great control over my emotions. Emotions do not control my life and I will not allow them to interfere with my life causing me to perform poorly, think too much, or have possible thoughts of giving up in my life. I make the best decisions when it comes to how I am feeling rather its’ emotionally or mentally. Every situation that I encounter, I feel that my emotions are very much improved and there is no room for error with my emotions. According to some research by Lisa Anderson, “Meanwhile, empirical study of how
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