Primary and Secondary Socialisation

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Discrimination and equality Introduction Within this study report I will look at how young people can be discriminated against within the wider society and how I could and would challenge this within my youth work practice. This study report will also highlight current legislation and give a critical reflection on how the youth service can use the legislation to practice equality and diversity. Within this report I will also analyse and evaluate my own knowledge and understanding of equality and diversity. There are various types of discrimination that can affect all those in society and the work place. Direct discrimination happens when a person is treated less favourably than another person would be treated in the same…show more content…
Staff are also required to undertake training as a part of their formal induction programme to the service and when changes have been made to policies and procedures. Policies and Procedures are also on the agenda of all team meetings, service meeting, one to one supervisions and Performance Review and Development (PRD) of all staff. All services are required to evidence what groups of individuals are using the centres by completing individual registration forms and sessions evaluations. By undertaking this practice the centre can monitor not only the racial origin of its users but also the gender and age groups. This review would ensure that the service is meeting a wide mix of the community, exactly what the aims of centre such as Northwood Community Centre. How this could be improved would be to look to integrate new members of the Kirkby community more specifically in Northwood, as there has recently been a number of east European families’ move to the area for work. At the moment we don’t have any evidence that the young people from these families are accessing community facilities. Some examples of where the centre could have instances of possible discrimination include: Ensuring young females can have the same access to activities in the club depends on there being a female worker , in the past there have been a number of instances where we have been unable to offer a

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