Primates : Humans And Humans

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Primates are considered to be the closest relative to humans and are often classified together under the Hominidae family. It was thought that humans were the superior group because they were able to make and use tools but it was discovered by Jane Goodall that Primates are able to make and use tools as well. Within the subject of primatology, we will be looking the different techniques used during primate toolmaking and some of the uses for the tools made by primates. We will also be looking at three different research studies focusing on mandrills, chimpanzees and capuchins which will give us a better understanding of how primates make tools. By studying this, we can learn about our close ancestors and how they are able to create and use…show more content…
The use of tools by chimpanzees increased a lot during the past few decades and the likely cause of that was the growing number of habituated chimpanzee populations combined with a large number of long-term committed projects that investigate chimpanzee populations in different parts of Africa (Toth and Schick:2009:294). Chimpanzees would use tools for termite fishing with twigs or grass, leaf sponges to scoop brains from a cranium or fruit from a husk and would use stone, wooden hammers and anvils to crack open hard-shelled nuts. In terms of male or female chimpanzees, females would use tools during arboreal feeding whereas males would use tools to help harvest terrestrial resources. (Toth and Schick:2009:295).Capuchins are observed to have use sticks to club a snake and shells to crack open oysters(Westergaard 1995:2). They have also spontaneously used and modified sticks as probes and stones and bone fragments as cutting and nut cracking implements(Westergaard 1995:2). Mandrills have been shown to use small wood splinters as tools.(Pansini and de Ruiter: 2011)

In the review article called: The Oldowan: The Tool Making Of Early Hominids and Chimpanzees Compared by Nicholas Toth and Kathy Schick, there was a study conducted to find out if modern apes are able to make and use tools. The study was based off in relation to a pervious
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