Primates Observation: Spider Monkey and Sifaka Essay

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I chose to study the behaviors of the Spider monkey and the Sifaka. I chose them for a few reasons, one being that Spider monkeys are incredibly adorable and two Sifaka’s remind me of a childhood television show, Zoboomafoo. These two primate groups also struck my attention in class, so this project was a perfect opportunity to dig a little deeper. The behaviors I chose to observe were social interactions and locomotion. The biggest differences I noticed between the two primates were that the Spider monkeys have the prehensile tails and without exerting extra energy is able to engage in a few common locomotion patterns such as quadrupedal, suspensory and bipedalisim. Where as Sifaka’s lack a tail, and remain upright at all times, and the…show more content…
In the first video I watched, there were two monkeys up in a tree hugging. Monkey 2 continued to embrace monkey 1 by wrapping their arms around the other. The whole time this was happening, both monkeys were making calls that sounded like squeaking-turkey gobble- vibration type noises. They follow each other around from branch to branch, shaking the branches and jumping simultaneously. They play in the same fashion that little (human) kids do. In the second video, a male and female monkey are at a habitat at the zoo. The male monkey keeps ‘petting‘ the female monkey suggestively, and doesn't really care that there is an audience. They keep holding and touching each other's shoulders as though something is wrong, just as a human would do. The male monkey also keeps trying to get the female to stand up, she is very docile the entire time and at this point she rolls over onto her back-- he continues to grab her shoulder and keeps pointing upwards, probably to a more appropriate mating place. I literally felt like I was watching a drunk freshman girl getting taken advantage of by a frat boy at her first college party, these primates are a lot like humans. In the third and fourth video, monkey’s sit in peace as they eat, two of the monkeys have babies hanging on their backs. One of the smaller, I’m assuming baby monkeys keeps hanging halfway over their mother’s shoulder to check out what she is eating- I am curious as to why the babies are not

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