Prime Minister John Diefenbaker: The First Federal Law In Canada

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1960, August 10th Prime Minister John Diefenbaker made the first federal law in Canada to protect male and females freedom and rights. He made this law for the right of the people. So that they can legally speak up for themselves as a person, so they don't have to be unheard or not important, or disrespected. When they tried to get this law approved some of the judges disapproved this law. As this law has a lot of power. As this law made people be able to speak up, and have freedom (for their religion), to do things their way spiritual as long as they are respecting the law. It made Canada a better place. Because people can speak their opinion, and still live in Canada but follow their religion. As well as their spiritual ways. It brought us closer as a country. And we have our own freedom, as long as we follow the law. If it weren't for the Prime Minister we would probably be too scared to speak up for ourselves and others.…show more content…
And we probably wouldn't have all the things we have today. And it would limit us to do certain things. And the Canadian bill of rights changed us as a country positively. And the country would be so
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