Primeotarian's Holistic Wellness

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As much as I would hate to admit it, health, or at least overall health, is created from more than just what we put in our mouths.

Primeotarian focuses on holistic wellness, not just diet, but also the activities that we participate in on a daily basis and the other substances that we use and come into contact with.

We only get have one life, and in that time, we should take as much care of our bodies as possible, in order to ensure that that life is as enjoyable as possible.

Primeotarian has a list of items, other than diet, that are encouraged in order to live this holistic lifestyle.

1) Exercise

This is one of the most important parts of wellness, and often is also one of the most unliked. However, exercise is not, and should
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Depending on your activity and fitness level, this could include a variety of different things, such as: walking, running, jogging, swimming or bicycling. But the exercise needs to be consecutive and intentional.

- 3 times per week, perform a moderate to high intensity workout that is either focused on strength building or a combination of strength and cardio activity. My sports of choice have been pole dancing and aerial yoga. In the future, I intend to start Thai Boxing. These workouts should be a minimum of 60 minutes, (though 90 is better), and though challenging, should be an activity that is enjoyable.

Exercising regularly increases energy, metabolism, circulation and and helps regulate the body.

2) Chemicals

One of the most dangerous parts of our daily activities include the constant interaction with chemicals in our lives. From soaps and shampoos to laundry detergent and dish soap, we are constantly influenced and in contact with chemicals. These are not always bad, but part of the focus of Primeotarian is to remove as many of these toxins as possible, through natural mixtures to perform the same task but in a healthier way.

Here are a couple of natural recipes:

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