Primitive Accumulation And Its Effect On Society

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Primitive accumulation is a term interpreted to various degrees by different political economists. According to Marx, primitive accumulation in communities served as an inevitable harbinger to capitalism, where it is described as a manoeuvre by which capital is accumulated by a small section of the community by deploying violence. “The capitalist system presupposes the complete separation of the labourers from all property in the means by which they can realise their labour.” Involved here is “a process that transforms, on the one hand, the social means of subsistence and of production into capital, on the other, the immediate producers into wage labourers.” This “historical process...appears as primitive, because it forms the pre-historic stage of capital...” (Capital, Volume I, Part VIII, Progress Publishers, p 668). Adam Smith in the Wealth of the Nations set forth this concept in a different perspective as in capitalism was the result of the natural process of division of labor where some became experts in producing a particular item and others mastered the act of marketing and selling those produce which eventually gave way to capitalism. Different views have been made by different analysts to the same concept of the emergence of capitalism. Capitalism can be considered similar to a biological entity with the ability to reproduce. Offsprings with different characters are produced and they continue to evolve. The Concept of accumulation by dispossession
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