Primitive Speech Stages Of Children

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1. Primitive speech stage Birth to 2 years – this is a period where the child will learn, imitate words, tries to name object, will begin to speak and emotionally react by crying or socially respond by laughing.
2. Naïve psychological stage 2 to 4 years – Words are used as symbol are fully understood to express the objects and will expand their knowledge to identify more objects around their environment.
3. Egocentric stage 4 to 7 years – Children will talk louder to be heard or seeking attention and rational thinking will set to solve problems or perform tasks.
4. Ingrowth stage 8 years onwards – This is the stage where the child will speak less and internalised more using private speeches (Nixon, Aldwinckle and Gould 2003).
The term ‘scaffolding’ the child’s behaviour as Vygotsky explains that children are often aided by us and we direct them together into achieving the purpose of any activity. For an example, in the Montessori, every day there is a walk about around the park which require the children changing their shoes to wellingtons. On return there are some who just refuse to tie their shoe laces because parents always tie their shoes lace at home. A particular child who was struggling for some time and failed was very confused and in tears. I decided to hold his hand and directed him to tie his shoe lace. From that moment onwards, the child was able to do it himself and he was very proud of his achievements as a result of ‘scaffolding’.
There is other…
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