Essay about Primitive vs.Civilized in the Movie the Gods Must Be Crazy

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In the film “The Gods Must Be Crazy” by Jamie Uys, there is a contrast between the primitive and the civilized society. The civilized society has come a long way since its primitive days. Its hard to imagine that there are still people in this world that live without the advantages and developments of a civilized society. Those living in a civilized society would must likely believe that their society is better than that of a primitive society, but like wise a primitive society would think their society is better. In this essay, a comparison will be made between the different traits that make up these two different societies.

In the film, the Bushmen society is considered to be the primitive while the people
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The Bushmen people are willing volunteers that would do whatever it takes to ensure the security of their union but the civilized society would rather have someone else deal with what they are suppose to do.

A major difference between the primitive society and the civilized society is their impact on the environment. In the film, the Bushmen have little impact of the Kalahari dessert due to the fact that its only a few of them. They have very low level of technology as they instead use soft raw materials provided by the environment itself. In the other hand the civilized society which is populated by a large amount of individuals affects the environment on a daily basis. These society has a high level of developed technology as display in the film by tall buildings, long roadways, and road bridges. The Bushmen society uses their surroundings as the mode of entertainment and survival while the civilized society takes advantage of their developed technology as seen in the film when a woman rode her car just to mail her letter through a mail box right across form her house. It even goes further as to the civilized society using technology to hurt the environment as seen in the movie when trees are torn down by automobiles driven by men with guns. Primitive societies uses technology to help each other such as to dig holes in search for water, while the Civilized uses it to hurt each other. In south Africa we
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