Primordial and Modernist Schooling

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Primordial school Primordial school and modernist school are two very important main streams in identity study. Especially, in the national identity study, both of them have involved the study of nationalism and have a very unlike view of it. And they are often highly debated of the origins of nations and their identity. The root of primordial school is originally based on the German romanticism and it mainly argues how those fixed factors influence in identity shape process. Those factors are constantly stable throughout the history and hardly changed. The factors have been passed on to generations and constructing the identity of people who lives in nowadays. For example, language is one of these elements. Language is unique and distinct from other ones. People who speak this language will have their own identity and formed a special group which makes them different from other language speaking groups. And in primordial school idea, same language speaking group will result in similar thought. Because of people learn language from the community where they live and each community will has its thought or behavior. These will transmit to people who learn that language. Therefore, for primordial school language is one of the key elements in identity shaping. Another pivotal and principle factor for shaping identity is the kinship. Primordial school argues that people joining into groups by their blood or genetic relationship with each other. Family members will gather and
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