Prince Edward Island Of Canada

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Prince Edward Island is a five-thousand, six-hundred and sixty square kilometre island off the eastern coast of Canada. When an island is part of a larger nation, and not provided with a physical connection to the mainland, it is a dismembered limb from the functioning body of the country. The insularity is a handicap, rather than a factor of uniqueness. Transportation from the island to the mainland has typically been somewhat of an issue, as the Northumberland strait between the landmasses freezes partially in winter, making travel difficult. The first peoples of the island, the Mi’kmaq, would make the crossing via canoe and carry the boat over the patches of ice. Once settlers inhabited the island it became necessary to have constant…show more content…
In 1775, the British Governor Walter Patterson persuaded the islanders to carry the mail to Nova Scotia in the same way. These voyages became important to the colonies, since they proved that the island was not isolated from the outside world for months each year. In the first few decades of the nineteenth century, trips became a regular service with a captain and crew once per week. Although regular, these trips remained dangerous and a major inconvenience. A canoe was replaced by an iceboat with a captain and three crew. The sick and injured, as well as the women and children, would be carried across the ice in the boat, but would have to pay twice as much. The trip from Cape Traverse on PEI to the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick took at least a day, and passengers ran the risk of catching frostbite and hypothermia. In a rare case a boat was stranded overnight during a winter storm and a man was killed by extreme hypothermia. As time went by, safety procedures were introduced. Boats were to be sent out in groups of three, and were required to carry compasses, axes, food, and fire-making materials. Because of these dangerous, uncomfortable, and awfully expensive journeys, Prince Edward Island made government funded transportation a necessary requirement for the island joining confederation.
Upon joining
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