Prince Georges County Public Schools Case Study

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Prince Georges’ County Public Schools (PGCPS) are in deep need of reservoir of good will – a bed of positive emotion that grows in good times, and protects the brand when sentiment – or the media is negative.

A critical format to showcase and share this goodwill is the development of a Strategic Content Architecture. The Content Architecture begins with be an approved roster of core messages that address organizational priorities and strategically address pain points. The messages would presumably be designed to:
• tell the great, but often buried, stories of success and wins coming from PGCPS
• increase enrollment at Prince Georges County Schools among county residents with highest incomes
• dispel myths related to the curriculum, testing scores, or the
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This should certainly include writers/columnists, bloggers, popular social networkers, parents, etc. But it must stretch its arms to engage new audiences. For example, since PGCPS struggles to solicit attendance from more affluent, educated residents, this group should be chief among the audience for influential voices. Bring them in to do job fairs and host fundraisers for area non-profits. Connect them to the school system’s brand so that they feel inspired to advocate – and ultimately to enroll their own children.
• This group may serve as an informal committee to test ideas/concepts. o Social platforms are critical to the successful distribution of positivity, but PGPCS’s social footprint is considerably smaller than it should be. Grow your social dialogue to share stories that are aspirational, and that connect you with county/regional business, non-profits and even other Prince Georges County services. Become a beacon for the good things that are happening throughout the region. Become the go-to resource for parents, since after all the services you provide go far beyond those of a conventional
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