Prince Nave Essay On Disneyland

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Another relationship that would not have been allowed was the possibility of marriage between Charlotte and Prince Naveen. We are first introduced to Prince Naveen when he steps off the boat, and he is immediately singing Jazz music and is swept up with the crowd. He is a prince of color, but Disney does not say what race he is. He is from Maldonia, a made up land, and has to marry a rich woman to keep up his lifestyle, and the richest woman in New Orleans is Charlotte (Disney). Charlotte is thrilled when she hears a prince is coming to town and is intent on marrying him. However, due to the time this would not have been allowed. Laws would have prevented him from becoming friends with Charlotte, let alone marry her. “All marriages between …show more content…

While, it was a terrible time in our history, it should not be forgotten. When young children are watching this movie they are not going to realize that the times would not have been so easy going. Tiana would not have been able to be friends with Charlotte, and Charlotte would not have been able to marry Prince Naveen, and the people of New Orleans would not have treated him so welcomingly. This is a problem that Disney created when they left out key aspects of history, and young children do not realize that racism was a major problem. Disney could have easily fixed the problem by putting a disclaimer stating that it was not based on an actual representation of that specific time period, so young children would understand that it was not accurate. Disney could have also released a documentary along with the movie, and while the movie is playing or after the movie has ended Disney could show what would have actually been historically accurate. With simple changes, Disney could have fixed the problem that made young children believe that racism was not a

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