Prince Of Egypt Analysis

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The Introduction
The Prince of Egypt accurately depicts the Bible story of Exodus, although there are some scenes that were portrayed inaccurately. The Prince of Egypt was released in 1998 by DreamWorks Pictures, it is about the book of Exodus in the Bible, in which Moses goes back to Egypt to release his people, the Hebrews from the Egyptians. The first aspect analysed was the plot, it was mostly accurate although there were many scenes that were changed or added to keep the audience’s attention. The second aspect is the setting which was very accurate when compared to the Bible. The last aspect are the characters, when compared to the Bible it was mainly accurate, with a few changes. Therefore, The Prince of Egypt has been accurately depicted with some inaccurate aspects.

Body Paragraph #1
The first aspect was the plot, it was mostly accurate when compared to the Bible, although there were some parts added to the movie to keep the audience’s attention. The plot may be defined as the main events of the movie, they are the parts that are vital to every movie or novel. The first accurate part of the movie was the scene in which God was shown as the burning bush. This scene was portrayed very accurately and Moses’s reaction to meeting God was very much like it was described in the Bible. They also included the minor details, such as when God shouted and when Moses was acting very confused. Another accurate part of the plot was the ten plagues. This scene was crucial as one of

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