Prince Of Egypt Analysis

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The film, The Prince of Egypt, is inaccurate when compared to the biblical scriptures in Exodus. The Animation created in 1998 by DreamWorks Picture Production is about Moses and the Israelites. The major differences in the film, when compared to the biblical narrative of Moses, can be seen in the setting, characters and the storylines. These differences were put in the production of the film to interest the viewers and to create a relatable movie. The film, therefore, is counterfactual when compared to the Bible. The differences in the film can be seen in the setting. In the Prince of Egypt, the opening scene shows baby Moses being but in a basket. He then sails a down the Nile River while almost being crushed by boats and being eaten alive by crocodiles. Whereas in the Bible he is said to float gently down the Nile. The directors have obviously changed this peaceful setting because they wanted to add action to a peaceful scene and to get the viewer hooked and excited for the rest of the movie. Another imperfection in the film compared to the Bible was the place where the city was set. In the film production, it appeared to be in Giza. This is clear because the sphinx and the pyramids both can be seen throughout the movie. The director has done this so the viewers can relate or recognize a popular Egyptian landmark, whereas, in the Bible, it is stated that the action happened in the city Rameses. The last change in the DreamWorks motion production is the part of the

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