Prince Of Egypt Analysis

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The film ‘The Prince of Egypt’ is inaccurate when compared to the story of Exodus. The film was created in 1998 by DreamWorks Pictures and retells the story of Moses. The directors clearly changed the film, so the audience can infer information and excite the audience. The main mishaps are in the setting, the characters and the storyline. Clearly, this account of the story of Moses, is inaccurate in comparison to the biblical account of Exodus. Setting: The directors have majorly changed the setting in the story of Moses. Firstly in the Prince of Egypt, the movie, the setting varies from the story of Moses in Exodus. The Nile has been changed, for instance, in the Bible when Moses was placed in the Nile it was calm and smooth, but in the movie Moses almost died, he almost got caught in fishing nets and eaten by crocodiles and hippos, this is because the directors wanted action for their profits. And where Moses meets God has been changed, the Bible says Moses met God on a mountain and in the movie it says Ahe met God in a cave in a village. This is probably just a technical mistake, but they should work harder to fix it. But on the other half, this could also be because in a cave the tension rises. Plus the whole first part of the movie was in Giza and the Pyramids, but in the Bible, it was in Rameses. This was changed by the directors because people can relate to the Pyramids and Giza much more than Rameses, because very many people know more about Rameses.

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